Fiji sets new daily highest amidst limited quarantine capacity

Fiji set a new daily highest of coronavirus infections of 94 cases that Fijian authorities are moving to mitigation phase to focus their resources in the care of patients who develop severe illnesses to ensure they receive the best care and best possible outcome.

Total active cases in the current outbreak have surpassed the 700-mark with current active cases pushing beyond 600, so much so that the Ministry of Health is prompted to enter some patients into home isolation in view of limited quarantine capacity.

Those placed on home isolation have been provided specific guidance to ensure they do not transmit the virus to other members of their households, particularly in multi-generational households.

Permanent Secretary for Health Dr James Fong said the majority of new cases stem from transmission in closed indoor spaces that despite wearing masks in such cases still “place you at grave risk.”

“Members of the public should avoid any situation that puts them into close quarters with others outside of their household or home bubble. If you see a crowding situation, avoid it at all costs. Do not add to the problem. If you feel certain health measures are being violated, call us at number 163 to report your concern,” Dr Fong said.

Accordingly, employers have also been encouraged to review their staffing placements and to ask their employees to work from home in instances where that can be managed.

Another death was reported last night; the fifth in the span of the current outbreak, and the third consecutive fatality that has not been deemed a COVID-19 related death.

“Sadly, we have a death to report. This individual was admitted in the CWM Hospital’s Acute Medical Ward and died this morning as a result of the medical condition for which he was initially admitted,” said Dr Fong.

Although the patient had tested positive for COVID19, doctors have ascertained that the patient died from pre-existing medical condition.

The new 94 cases are linked to the following clusters:
 CWM Hospital – 28
Nawaka, Nadi – 8
Navy – 5
Navosai – 14
Waila – 26
IMT – 9
RFMF – 3
Caubati – 1

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