Fiji Rugby launches ANZ Marama Championship

A turning point for Women’s Rugby in Fiji, providing a clear pathway from the grassroots to national level rugby, Fiji Rugby Union CEO John O’Connor said in thanking ANZ for coming on board to sponsor the premier women’s rugby competition in Fiji, the Marama Championship.

Signed up for three years, the ANZ Marama Championship which was launched this week in Suva, coinciding with International Women’s Day and the introduction of the Ranadi Cup and Raluve championship, providing aspiring female rugby players a clear pathway from Kaji rugby to the Fijiana Drua and ultimately the Fijiana XV.

Thanking ANZ, O’Connor expressed Rugby House’s gratitude to the bank for believing in women’s rugby and trusting Fiji Rugby through their sponsorship.

“We are so humbled for their support in challenging times,” O’Connor said.

ANZ Fiji Country Head Rabih Yazbek said they were pleased to be able to provide a platform for women to compete in world-class competition.

“Announcing our sponsorship of the ANZ Marama Championship on International Women’s Day made sense because we recognize the significant sporting, social, economic, and cultural achievements made by women in Fiji.

“Sports is one of the most powerful platforms for promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls. On behalf of our staff, customers, and the entire ANZ Fiji community, we’re pleased to be part of the support team behind the ANZ Marama Championship.”

At the launch, FRU also unveiled the ANZ Marama Championship logo which depicts a florwer in full bloom and players reaching the top, which O’Connor says “reflects ambition and where diversity is celebrated and everyone should welcome”, a narrative that ANZ identifies with, Yazbek says.

“ANZ’s own logo is a lotus flower with each of the three petals sugnifying Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific,” Yazbek said.

“The shape of a person represens our people and customers, so it feels like the right connection at brand level.”

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