Fiji records 18 new cases as of 12 midday today

Fiji recorded 18 new cases as of 12midday today, the highest to be recorded in a day since the country’s first case in March 2020, of which 16 are unlinked to existing cases or clusters.

Of the 18 cases, 10 were recorded in Waila – “from two related families”, four from a household in Tacirua, two from a household in Muanikoso, one is a contact of the Samabula cluster, and the 18th is an Extra Supermarket worker who tested positive on their final swab in quarantine.

Authorities are still to establish links between the 16 cases collectively recorded in Waila, Tacirua and Muanikoso today to existing cases and/or cluster.

The ministry said a number of recent cases admitted not observing COVID19 protocols as they moved around the community, engaging in social events such as grog parties, that the ministry has made it mandatory “to wear a mask or face covering if you live in a containment area and are outside your home.”

“Therefore, we repeat the advice that we have given repeatedly–and that health authorities worldwide have given repeatedly for more than the past year–to wear masks, wash hands frequently, observe physical distancing always, and avoid crowds. And please do not attend social events, and do not invite people in from outside your household. It is also very important to maintain discipline at work by staying within your bubbles if your workplace has them and by keeping your masks firmly in place. Don’t let your guard down, set an example in your community, and encourage family, neighbors and people you meet to observe these common-sense practices. This is very serious.”

MOH Midday Update

Leading up to today’s cases the highest to be recorded in a day was 12.

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