Fiji Police Senior Command Group Applauded for Crime Reduction, Pledges for Continued Progress

Fiji Police Acting ComPol Juki Fong Chew pointed out the public’s expectation for the force to provide protection, irrespective of the challenges posed by the evolving criminal landscape.

Speaking to senior ranks of the institution during the launch of their 2023-24 Annual Corporate Plant at their headquarters today, Chew said it was critical that they are proactive and fulfill their responsibility by implementing strategies outlined in the document which includes input from communities gathered during the compilation stages.

Chew also praised the senior executives for last year’s 10% reduction in overall crime and sought their backing to sustain this while addressing identified areas for improvement.

The Acting Commissioners of Police, Directors, and DPCs reaffirmed their commitment to achieving the ACP’s targets by signing an agreement at the event.

“We are here to honour our commitment of our service to the people,” Chew told his officers. “You must remember that our services remain a key enabler for economic growth, development, and prosperity.”

He urged officers to track each other’s progress and hold them accountable for divisional and overall goals.

The police’s ‘Optimum Service Delivery’ CPA adopts the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Framework and involves quarterly monitoring for performance review and improvement.

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