Fiji Pol: Registrars confirms receipt of proposed Fijian political party

Fiji’s Registrar of Political Parties Mohammed Saneem confirms receiving registration application by a proposed “We Unite Fiji Party”.

If confirmed and registered, the proposed party would become the ninth party to contest the country’s 2022 General Elections which is earmarked to take place anytime between 9 July this year and 9 January next year.

“In accordance with the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding & Disclosures Act), the Registrar will not process the application,” Saneem said in a brief statement issued in the last hour.

About the registrants, the FEO remains tightlipped, only referring to the details outlined in the statement.

There have been numerous discussions in the public space of new parties looking to join the 2022 polls, including a proposed party linked to Nadroga’s paramount chief Na Ka Levu Ratu Tevita Nabekwahiga Makutu.

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