Fiji Pol: No pay cuts for civil servants: Rabuka

People’s Alliance Party leader Sitiveni Rabuka says they will make spending adjustments if elected to government, but it will not cut civil servants’ pay as reported in one of the dailies.

Furthermore, under a People’s Alliance Government, civil servants he says will have permanent contracts.

“Maybe I did not elaborate enough, but no civil servant will face any pay cuts under our new government, and it is never our intention to cut civil servants’ pay,” Rabuka said.

Instead, he said PAP would identify areas of “wastage that will need to be cut down and make the necessary adjustments accordingly to make savings without any pay cuts.”

He also says that PAP will be inclusive in their governance and that any changes to be made to the status quo will come as a result of a holistic review involving all stakeholders.

“I very much respect the work of all civil servants and certainly feel with respect comes trust and that trust is to recruit our jobs locally all the way to the top,” Rabuka said.

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