Fiji Pol: 11K new voters and 93 name change requests so far

The Fijian Elections Office have served close to 80,000 more voters in a little over five weeks, with nearly 14 per cent are registering to vote for the first time, and less than one per cent have applied for change of name.

Of the 78,759 voters who were attended to by the FEO since 3 October, 11,008 are new registrants and 67,751 upgraded their voter cards including 93 who applied to change their names.

Majority of those who applied for name change are females, at 76 per cent. Of the 93 name change applications, the FEO has actioned 54 and 39 are still to be completed – either they are still to collect their updated card from the elections office or their application is still with the Births, Deaths, and Marriage office.

Today the FEO was at the Samabula Old People’s Home to attend to the 50 residents cared for at the facility, one of the many homes the elections house will be sending teams to until Wednesday next week. These residents will be voting via postal ballot.

In terms of educating these aged voters as well as the general populace on the conduct of the election and how to vote in the lead up to the 2022 General Elections, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said they will be carrying out a ‘Know you Election’ program between 26 February and 2 April next year covering all communities and facilities.

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