Fiji LOP Criticises Acting Supervisor of Elections Over FICAC-Probe Comments

Fiji’s Leader of Opposition Inia Seruiratu strongly criticised the country’s acting Supervisor of Elections Ana Mataiciwa accusing her of various things over her comments in relation to investigations by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC), allegations that the latter refutes.

While Seruiratu did not provide details about the specific FICAC investigation, it is believed to be connected to the ongoing probe against the People’s Alliance. The investigation revolves around allegations of misconduct, including the use of forged signatures during the party’s registration in 2021. Mataiciwa was quoted in the Fiji Sun and FBC, discussing the case.

In a statement, Seruiratu accused Mataiciwa of interfering with the investigative process, compromising the integrity of the FEO, and attempting to influence public perception. He contends that Mataiciwa exceeded her powers by making those remarks and even questions the legitimacy of her appointment, insisting that she does not meet the required standards for the position.

Acknowledging the statement by Seruiratu as being both political and personal, Mataciwa refrained from engaging in personal retaliation and instead defended her actions as providing clarity to the public through media regarding the FEO’s role in ensuring compliance with relevant laws.

“The FEO has and will continue to respect the independence and roles other organisations cooperatively play in our democracy,” Mataiciwa said, adding that the FEO remains committed to rebuilding public confidence.

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