Fiji Launches UN Social Cohesion Programme for Pacific Peace

Fiji’s Prime Minister of Fiji Sitiveni Rabuka launched the United Nations Social Cohesion Programme to promote peace and unity in Fiji and the Pacific region, addressing challenges like climate change and economic vulnerability. 

The UN Secretary-General Peacebuilding Fund funds the initiative for inclusive governance and strengthening connections, trust, and accountability. 

 “With this funding and in close partnership between the Fiji Government and the United Nations, the project aims to strengthen connections, trust, and accountability, and ultimately peace and reconciliation,” Rabuka said. 

“The project will address some of the key sources and potential tension triggers in Fiji by promoting dialogue and respect for human rights. It will bring Fiji a step closer to achieving the Peace Pillar, under the  United Nations Pacific Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2023 to 2027 agenda.”

UN Resident Coordinator Dirk Wagener praised Fiji’s commitment, marking the first time the fund supports Fiji. The programme, led by the UNDP Pacific Office, aims to foster dialogue, respect for human rights, and resilience within communities. 

The launch was held at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva on Friday 26 April. It was attended by partners and stakeholders, including government officials, civil society organisations, and representatives from the UN  system. 

The launch that took place in Suva last week was attended by various stakeholders

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