Fiji Junior Kulas Qualify for FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup 2024

The Digicel Fiji Junior Kulas have secured a spot in the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup 2024, marking Fiji’s debut on the global women’s football stage.

Fiji Football says their inclusion is a result of FIFA’s decision to offer direct entry to two Oceania teams, with Fiji as runners-up in the OFC U-19 Women’s Championship joining New Zealand.

The expanded tournament format, now featuring 24 teams, provides Fiji with ample time to prepare for the event scheduled for August 31-September 22, 2024.

Fiji FA President Rajesh Patel said: “We believe in the Digicel Fiji Junior Kulas and their ability to compete at the highest level. This marks just the start of a promising journey, and we anticipate the impact of their dedication and hard work on the world stage. This qualification has been a long time coming and it shows the team’s dedication and talent but also signifies significant investments in women’s football. his is an opportunity for Fiji to shine, for the Digicel Fiji Junior Kulas to etch their legacy, and for the nation to unite in celebrating its rising football stars,” he added.

Coach Angeline Chua, instrumental in guiding the Digicel Fiji Junior Kulas to their historic qualification shared about the team’s journey and the challenges ahead: “Our path has been paved with sweat, tears, hardwork and dedication. The expanded tournament format presents an exciting opportunity to test ourselves against the world’s elite. We are humbled by the support we’ve received and are committed to giving our all. The road ahead won’t be easy, but we’re ready to face it head-on, representing Fiji with pride on the global stage.”

Women’s Vice President, Susan Wise says this is an important milestone for Fiji.

“The qualification of the Digicel Fiji Junior Kulas is not merely a local achievement but a significant milestone, symbolising the importance of women’s sports in the Pacific. It serves as a moment of pride and inspiration for aspiring young athletes in Fiji, exemplifying that, with determination, hard work, and the right opportunities, global dreams can be achieved.”

Revised slot allocation for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup 2024:

AFC: 4 teams
CAF: 4 teams
Concacaf: 4 teams
CONMEBOL: 4 teams
OFC: 2 teams
UEFA: 5 teams
Host Country (Colombia): 1 team

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