Fiji Hockey to Raise $360,000 for World Cup 

With eight weeks to go, Fiji Hockey Federation is scrambling to raise $360,000 to be able to send both the men’s and women’s teams to the World Cup in Oman next month.

President of Fiji Hockey Ema Qetaki said they were seeking help from the public and businesses in Fiji to help the teams.

“After winning gold in both categories at the Pacific Games, we are now looking forward to take both teams to the next level which is the World Cup,” World Cup Coach Shaun Corrie said.

“This is the first time we have qualified for the World and we want to show the world that a tiny dot in the Pacific ocean can also play the top teams there are in the world.

“These players fork out so much money to play a sport that will take them to the World Cup. We are pleading with Government and with Fiji as a whole to please support us in our quest to go to Oman.” Hector Smith, a veteran in the field of Fiji hockey said.

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