Fiji hits over 1000 new COVID-19 cases in last three weeks

The numbers show that over the last 9 weeks Fiji seems to have had the confirmed case numbers under control in the first 5 weeks of this second wave.

The number of new cases was less than 31 per week in the first 5 weeks. The overall total for the first 5 weeks was 125.

Fiji implemented 2-day to 4-day lockdowns then but largely pursued a strategy of Mitigation and targeted lockdown of specific areas. Could a longer 7-day-21 day full lockdown that was recommended by some health experts have worked?

Government says the socio-economic costs would have been too great but the debate remains if the socio-economic pain would have been less painful had they acted much stronger earlier and sought international help to assist with food vouchers and supplies for families under an extended lockdown.

From Week 6 we hit over 100 new cases, Week 7 we went over 200 new cases, Week 8 we confirmed close to 400 new cases, and we are now in Week 9 and on track to go over 500 new cases.

We now have over 1000 active cases in isolation. 1084 cases in the last 3 weeks alone.In the last 2 days alone – we have reported at least 44 potential new clusters – 28 yesterday and 16 on Tuesday. Cases that haven’t been linked to any previous cluster. Government has taken the option of a further lockdown off the table, opened the containment borders, opened businesses under safe protocols, and implementing an intensive vaccination campaign to try to achieve herd immunity.

The MOH has gone into a Mitigation phase with the focus of caring for patients that develop severe illness. The public is being urged to stay home and continue to adhere to safety protocols. Numbers are expected to increase further and the socio-economic pain will continue to be felt for a while. It is important that people follow MOH advice and take responsibility, get vaccinated, limit movement and continue to adhere to safety protocols.

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