Fiji Elections: FEO dismisses complaint against Professor Biman

Fiji’s Supervisor of Elections [‘SoE’], Mohammed Saneem has dismissed the complaint made by Mr. Hiroshi Taniguchi against National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad.

In a statement, Mr. Saneem said in determining the complaint, Mr. Taniguchi’s lacked any legal basis under the Electoral Act 2014.

Mr. Taniguchi lodged his complaint, the nature of which Mr. Saneem did not disclose, weeks after his proposed candidacy for the 2022 General Election was revoked by the party.

In a statement issued mid-September, a little over a month after he was announced as one of NFP’s proposed candidates, the party said it had a change of heart, rescinding his candidacy over statements Mr. Taniguchi made on his personal website that the party stated: “have never been [its] policies…since its inception 59 years ago.”

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