Fiji Elections: EC receives 10 appeals and two objections

Fiji’s Electoral Commission received 10 appeals and two objections by close of appeals and objections for the 2022 General Election at 4 pm today.

EC Chair Mukesh Nand did not disclose the particulars of the submissions only saying that it will make its decision “in due course.”

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem will await the outcome of the EC’s deliberation as it will determine the final candidates’ list for the 2022 polls, and thereafter pave the way for the national candidate list ball draw. The ball draw which is carried out to assign numbers to candidates has been penciled in for this Friday, the exact timing for which hinges on the EC’s deliberations.

“Our plan is that if the Electoral Commission will give us the decision by four o’clock on the day, we will do the draw the same evening. If the commission gives us the decision in the evening, the ball draw could start as early as 8 am the next day. The idea is that as soon as the Electoral Commission has duly discharged its function, the FEO will immediately assign numbers to candidates.”

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