Fiji Elections: Data verification as voter registration ends

Voter Registrations closed at 6pm yesterday with more than 800 people registered and over 6,500 Fijians upgraded to the latest Blue VoterCard.

With the conclusion of registration and updating of details and cards, the Fijian Elections Office will begin its data verification exercise as part of the cleansing process ahead of the printing and distribution of the provisional voter list which is likely to take place this weekend.

The closure of voter registration comes a year after the FEO launched the first drive for the 2022 General Election during which two nationwide voter registration, as well as several targeted drives, were carried out including rural and maritime deployments, urban hotspots, house-to-house visits aside from their voter services centres that were operational in all major towns and cities.

In announcing the end of the voter registration drive yesterday, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem thanked his staff, owners of venues that allowed the FEO to use their premises, as well as agencies that assisted the elections office through the registration phase.

Registered Voters Update

As of 28 October 2022, 692,918 Fijians are registered to vote in this election. Of the registered voters, 43 percent reside in the central division, 38 percent in the western division, 14 percent in the North, four percent in the eastern division, and 1 percent overseas.

Polling Venue

As it stands the FEO expects to operate 855 polling venues on election day and 613 during pre-poll.

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