Fiji Elections 2022: Release total votes count and results – opposition parties to FEO

The leaders of four of Fiji’s opposition political parties are demanding that the Fijian Elections Office release the total number of votes cast in the country’s 2022 General Elections.

Leaders of Fiji Labour Party, The People’s Alliance, Unity Fiji, and National Federation Party in Mahendra Chaudhry, Sitiveni Rabuka, Savenaca Narube, and Professor Biman Prasad respectively are also requesting copies of the complete final results to carry out their own verification.

In another joint appearance in Suva today the leaders echoed their “continued distrust of the Result Management System and the glitched app” as well as expressed their “shock and disgust” about the events of last night including the questioning of Mr. Rabuka and his party General Secretary Mr. Sakiasi Ditoka, and the removal of their agents from the count center at the Vodafone Arena around midnight.

The leaders are of the view that the latest events only add to their distrust and suspicions of the counting and tabulating of results process that was triggered by a technical glitch that happened during the first day of counting on the evening of election day. The FEO Results App was taken down as a result and restored about four hours later.

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