Fiji Elections 2022: Non-govt votes reflect sound rejection of FijiFirst – PA/NFP

Leaders of People Alliance and National Federation Party Sitiveni Rabuka and Professor Biman Prasad described the percentage of votes amassed by opposition parties in Fiji’s 2022 General Elections as a “sound rejection of the FijiFirst party and its policies, and the way they have governed over the last eight years as an elected government” and expressed confidence in forming the next Fijian Government alongside SODELPA.

They also said that the outcome of the election, in terms of votes amassed by the non-governing parties combined, represented the will of the people.

Of the 470,584 total votes cast in the country’s election, the final results of which were handed over to the Electoral Commission today, FijiFirst’s votes equated to 42.55% and the balance, amassed by the non-governing party made up of PA (35.28%), NFP (8.89%), SODELPA (5.14%), Unity Fiji (2.78%), Fiji Labour Party (2.70%), We Unite Fiji Party (1.29%), All People’s Party (0.56%), New Generation Party (0.20%), Rajendra Sharma (0.04%) and Ravinesh Reddy (0.02%).

“That is a very high percentage, and we thank all our people, supporters, people who have voted not only for NFP, but for the PA, and indeed all opposition parties,” Professor Biman said during a presser in Suva this evening.

They also thanked their 109 candidates who contested the election (54-NFP and 55-PA) as well as their campaigners, party agents, donors, friends, and families who have had to make sacrifices in the lead-up to the polls.

The leaders are hoping to conclude negotiations with SODELPA within the next 14 days and before the first meeting of parliament as set out in Section 67 of the 2013 Constitution.

“There have been discussions going on between non-govt parties, and that continues,” Mr. Rabuka said regarding talks with SODELPA. “It may not take 14 days for something to materialise. In the meantime, we are urging the people to stay calm.

“I think it is natural for us to form a coalition because when we look at our policies, manifesto, etc, they are in harmony, and almost all of them individually and collectively are diametrically opposed to FijiFirst policies and reform.”

Professor Biman adds that between the three parties, they will form one of the best governments [for] the people of this country in the next four years.

“The people have given a very clear mandate to the opposition parties, they have indicated a new government. They understand the urgency of forming a govt, and that is why we are putting our energy, time, and effort to ensure negotiations run smoothly.”

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