Fiji Election: Insufficient evidence to charge NFP leader – DPP

Fiji’s National Federation Party leader Professor Biman has welcomed the decision by the Director of Public Prosecutions Christopher Pryde in clearing him of allegations of indecently annoying a woman earlier this year, reiterating that he is focusing all of his attention on the 2022 election campaign with the People’s Alliance.

In a brief statement issued following the ODPP’s decision, Professor said: “I am pleased that this issue is resolved. I am firmly focused on NFP working with the People’s Alliance to win December’s elections and form the new government that the people of Fiji so desperately need. 

“That is the work our team has got to do, and nothing will distract me from it.”

Mr Pryde directed the police not to lay any charges against Professor Biman after reviewing the police evidence docket.

In a statement, the ODPP stated that the review found “insufficient evidence for a reasonable prospect of conviction were the matter to proceed to court.

Mr Pryde said, “The police docket was reviewed by the ODPP in the usual manner but our conclusion was that there is insufficient evidence for a reasonable prospect of conviction were the matter to proceed to court. As part of our review, we analysed the charges proposed by the police as well as other possible charges and available defences. We also noted the representations provided to us by Professor Prasad’s lawyers. As the matter does not meet the evidentiary threshold, police have been directed not to file any charges.”

Professor Biman was interviewed by police on 26th October 2022 acting on a complaint from a woman that he allegedly indecently annoyed her on two separate occasions earlier this year. He was granted police bail to appear in court on 15 November 2022 pending the filing of charges.

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