Fiji Ease Business Visitor Access for 105 Countries

Effective Wednesday, November 15, business visitors from all 105 visa-exempt countries will now be allowed to enter Fiji without the need for prior applications and work in Fiji for up to 14 days.

Previously, this policy was limited to citizens of only four countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the USA.

Announcing this expanded policy in Suva today, Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration, Pio Tikoduadua, explained that the rationale for this policy change is driven by Fiji’s need to access the skills of foreign nationals for managerial, technical, and other support, as well as to promote business activities. Business visitors will receive permits upon arrival, eliminating the need for them to apply in advance.

“For some years this has been an unnecessarily complicated process. It delays the arrival of critically needed services and adds to the work of the Immigration Department,” Tikoduadua said. “Fiji continues to lose valuable skills through permanent and temporary migration. As a result, Fiji businesses need greater access to the skills of foreign nationals to ensure uninterrupted managerial, technical, and other support. This includes short visits by skilled foreign nationals. Generally, these do not exceed 14 days.

“This simple measure will eliminate the need for the Immigration Department to approve the short-term business travel needs of hundreds of visitors every year. It also ensures that the government is working in accordance with the Immigration Act.”

The policy change adheres to the requirements of Section 9(3) of the Immigration Act 2003, which permits business visitors to engage in activities such as business, investment, study, research, or consultancy work for up to 14 days.

Those who need to extend time for these purposes will need to apply for short-term work permits.

Tikoduadua also clarified that visitors coming for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, or training are not considered business visitors under this policy. These visitors will continue to be allowed on ordinary visitor’s permits.

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