Fiji COVID-19 booster vax coverage picks up

About 13 percent of those who have had their first booster dose have gone on to receive their second, as Fiji’s Ministry of Health encourages those eligible fully vaccinated individuals to follow suit.

The ministry said the push for more people to take up the booster vaccine doses is in the interest of heightening not only coverage but the country’s protection against coronavirus.

As of 1 August, 20,502 individuals have received their fourth dose or second booster dose of a vaccine.

The first booster dose is open to persons over 18 who have been fully vaccinated for more than three months. They will then wait four months before they can receive their second booster dose.

Meanwhile, to date, the ministry says 100% of Fiji’s estimated adult population has received one dose and at least 95% have received the second. The vaccination of our target population has been progressing well with the 12 years and above coverage rate for Fiji being 99% for Dose 1 and 89% for Dose 2.

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