Fiji Bus Operators Association calls on police to take action

The Fiji Buses Association has condemned the assault of a bus driver by a police officer in Labasa, calling on authorities to take appropriate action.

The incident, footage of which has been shared widely on social media site, Facebook, happened at the Labasa Bus Station on Monday 16 May.

“We call on the leadership of the Fiji Police Force to take appropriate action against the policeman and to seriously examine the behaviour of its officers,” says FBOA Acting President Zane Dean.

“Should a police officer need to detain any driver, there are legal and non-violent ways of detaining people, and any officer who knows their job will not behave in the manner in which that Labasa officer did.”

Dean said drivers who work daily to ensure the travelling public are able to move to and from their destinations should not have to endure such treatment while carrying out their duties.

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