Fiji Airways Signs Interlining Agreement With Jet Blue

National carrier Fiji Airways today announced an interlining agreement with American airline, Jet Blue in a bid to make overseas travel easier for customers wanting to travel with either airline.

Usually, if two airlines are interlining, they will handle the check-in and baggage for each other’s passengers. That means travelers only have to check in once for all the flights on the itinerary, receive all their boarding passes, and their baggage will be transferred from the first airline to the second airline without having to collect it and drop it off again.

In a statement, Fiji Airways CEO Andre Viljeon said this was a welcome move which was a long time coming.

“Americans who have been yearning for a holiday in Fiji will now find it much easier to connect onto our flights out of Los Angeles and San Francisco. We have been exploring innovative means to grow our footprint in the United States and I am delighted that Jet Blue has come onboard as an interline partner,” he said.

“This is also a win for Fijians and other Pacific Islanders who want to explore more of the USA, visit friends and family, or connect on to other parts of the world.”

Fiji Airways flies daily between Nadi and Los Angeles and up five times a week to San Francisco.

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