Fight Against Corruption is Everyone’s Responsibility

“We all need to be united in this fight against corruption and we need you, our counterparts for this fight to be a success.”

These were the words of Kuliniasi Saumi, Manager Investigations Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption at an event to commemorate World Anti Corruption day in Suva today.

“The costs of corruption are substantial. Estimates show that corruption costs developing countries US$1,26 trillion per year according to Transparency International UK’s Corruption Statistics.

“The indirect consequences of corruption are even larger, such as undermining government’s ability to serve public interests.”

“Corruption impacts all five pillars of sustainable development – people, prosperity, planet, peace and justice and partnership; and is a major bottleneck to achieving sustainable development in all its three dimensions – economic, social and environmental.

With the theme UNCAC at 20: Uniting the World Against Corruption, the event today was attended by stakeholders including the Acting Auditor General, Finau Nagera.

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