FICAC Denies Minister’s Claims, Actively Investigating Former Sugar CEO Case

FICAC denies claims by Minister for Sugar Charan Jeath Singh, during the debate of the 2023-2024 Budget, that it has done nothing about the case against former CEO of Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) Abdul Khan calling the statements “false and misconceived.”

In a statement, FICAC asserts that there is an active investigation with efforts being made to gather evidence, adding that the “Attorney General is aware of the case and has approved procedural requests for the investigation.”

“As such, Hon Minister could have been simply made aware of the status of the case had he verified his facts with the Office of the Attorney-General or with FICAC before he made this statement,” FICAC stated.

They also caution against publicly discussing the case to protect the investigation’s outcome. 

“At this stage of the investigation, divulging any finer details about the case publicly might jeopardise the outcome of this case. As such, it would be in the best interest of the investigation to refrain from making any remarks publicly.”

The case against Khan was referred to FICAC three years ago.

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