FEO refers ‘The People’s Alliance’ party to FICAC

The Fijian Elections Office has referred former Fijian Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka’s The People’s Alliance party, as well as one of its provisional candidates Sajal Narayan and the Rock the Vote initiative to FICAC.

This comes two days after the FEO received FijiFirst’s letter alleging various breaches of the Electoral Act 2014 by the party and a number of its provisional candidates including Mr. Rabuka and Mr Narayan.

“The FijiFirst filed a 19 Page complaint with the FEO in which it highlighted practices of some individuals during the campaign period directly from their own Facebook pages and such practices are prima- facie breach of the Electoral Act,” Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said.

“While we are obtaining further information from other persons and political parties named in the complaint, the instances where we found that the law has been breached, we have referred such persons to FICAC without delay.”

Earlier today, Mr Saneem issued a statement querying the status and motive of the Rock the Vote Fiji initiative saying that based on their findings, the movement “purely exists to promote the election of Lynda Tabuya and other representatives of the people’s alliance”.

Mr Saneem said it was not clear who the executives of the organisations were likewise its management practices. In the statement, the FEO stated that it appeared that the initiative was created to bypass key electoral laws that protect Fijians from unfair campaign practices as well as to protect political parties in terms of a level playing field.

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