FEO Launches Candidates List and Ballot Paper Generator Tool

The Fijian Elections Office (FEO) today launched an election tool aimed at streamlining the election management process.

The tool generates a Candidates List and Ballot Paper, offering convenience and efficiency for organisations like social clubs, unions, and schools, enabling them to generate election materials seamlessly.

In addition, Acting Supervisor of Elections, Ana Mataiciwa says institutions can conduct their elections with ease, facilitating democratic participation and decision-making within their communities.

“The Candidates List and the Ballot Paper Generator offers a simple and intuitive interface, empowering users to efficiently create customized lists and papers tailored to their specific election requirements,” Mataiciwa said.

“The ballot papers, are similar to the ballot papers used in the General Election, where a voter can either circle, tick, or cross the number of the candidate that they wish to vote for. This enables schools, institutions and organisations to be consistent in marking ballot papers.”

Whilst the tool is accessible to the public, Mataiciwa reassures Fijian voters that ballot papers used for the General Election have special security features and cannot be duplicated.

The FEO encourages all interested parties, social clubs, unions, and schools, to explore the features and benefits of the Candidates List and the Ballot Paper Generator available on our website.

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