FEO keeping a tab on social media page One Mind One Goal

The Fijian Elections Office has warned administrators of Facebook page One Mind One Goal that it is keeping a close eye on their activities, particularly those relating to elections.

The warning comes after the FEO issued a Section 144A notice, directing administrators to remove a post that it had loaded Monday 14 March, claiming that the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem stated that primary school students were being registered to vote in the 2022 General Elections.

Saneem called the post which has since been removed, ‘false’ and ‘misleading.’

“Going forward we will keep a stringent eye on all the activities of this particular page when it comes to elections and as we understand many Fijians are disappointed with this page and more action is most likely going to be undertaken by the other relevant authorities and all Fijians who have been affected by this page are urged to report this matter to the police,” Saneem said.

“We categorically state that the SOE did not give any statement saying that primary school students will be voting in the next elections.”

The FEO also dismissed video postings on the page claiming that registrations were being held in schools during weekdays saying no such things are taking place for members of the public during school hours.

Registration for students in high schools Saneem says will start on 18 April 2022, full schedule for which will be made available in due course.

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