FEO extends voter registration and election awareness drive

The Fijian Elections has extended its nationwide voter registration and know your election campaign by almost two weeks, as it outlines registration plans for Fijians residing overseas as well as voting via postal.

Heading into day 29 of the drive which was initially scheduled to finish next Saturday, 2 April, the FEO has served 110,225 Fijians in more than 100 settlements, 849 villages and has also processed 722 polling venues assessments.

FEO teams will continue their registration and know your election campaign in pre-scheduled areas including rural areas until 2 April after which they will move to urban areas until 14 April.

Overseas Voters

Regarding overseas voters, Saneem said the voter registration exercise will be facilitated by the Fiji missions abroad. The FEO will be training officers of the Fiji missions abroad to conduct voter registration services overseas.

Postal Voting

Voters residing overseas can apply to vote by postal ballot.

“You will be able to provide your details on the postal voter application form directly from any type of voter card that you have, be it green or blue, as long as you have your voter number and name as exactly as you’ve spelt it on your voter card, you will be entitled to vote via postal ballot. The FEO will verify your signature from the time you apply to register.

“This means if you are living in Suva and you migrated, you can still vote, if you maintain your citizenship, you can still vote by simply using the details that are already on the voter card with you on the postal voting application.”

Voters who apply for postal ballot will not be allowed to vote on election day.

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