FEO encourages Fiji voters with green cards to upgrade

Over 96,000 people or 14 per cent of Fiji’s total registered voters are still holding on to green voter cards to date, of which 43 per cent are in the central division and are among the targeted group of Fijian Election Office’s latest voter registration drive happening at over 30 venues in and around Suva over three days, starting today.

As at 3 September, Fiji’s total registered voters for the 2022 General Election stands at 689,974 of which 96,840 have not upgraded to the latest blue card. Of those who have not upgraded their cards to the latest version – which also shows the venue where each voter has been assigned to vote on election day – 41,684 are located in the Central Division based on their registration details.

Manned by over 100 FEO staff and operational between 11am and 7pm daily, the localities of the Fijian Elections Office’s latest voter registration drive have been set up in areas where there is greater access for Fijians, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says.

Mr Saneem also said that operating hours could be extended depending on demand.

The localities of the venues can be found on FEO’s website or on the organisation’s Facebook page.

“With very few days to go to the possible issuance of the writ, it is incumbent on every Fijian to upgrade their details and upgrade to the latest card so that you can vote with convenience on election day.”

The latest registration drive will continue tomorrow, but in 27 venues, which will be operational as well on the final day, Sunday, 25 September.

Photo: File/FEO

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