Expect delay says FNPF

MEMBERS who have applied for assistance through Fiji’s National Provident Fund COVID19 scheme are to expect processing delays due to huge demand, quarantine measures and incomplete applications.

As of Monday, April 13, the Fund had received more than 46,791 applications– which is almost 70 per cent of total applications processed in 2019.

According to the Fund, applications were received manually, some via the employer online portal and others, emailed. 

Applications received manually need to be quarantined, before they are scanned for online uploading and processing. Incomplete or queried applications were missing key information prompting the Fund to mobilise teams to track down employers to verify members’ details.

“We understand the urgency of disbursing members’ funds due to the economic hardships that have come about as a result of COVID-19. However, we will ensure that applications go through the required checks,” FNPF Chief Executive Officer Mr Jaoji Koroi said.

“Members have to realise that in cases where their application is queried, processing will take longer as we will have to contact the member again to rectify. “


“We also have to verify all bank account numbers provided to avoid transfer of funds to wrong account numbers.”

Meanwhile, a total of $13.95 million has been paid out to “some 18,400” members. Of the amount paid, government provided $2.05m and the Fiji National Provident Fund, $11.90m.

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