Educational resources available, not examinable

STUDENTS whose schools are being used as isolation or evacuation centers will be told via emails or text messages where to get supplementary educational resources from.

The messages will be sent to either village heads or other appropriate points of contacts, the Ministry of Education said May 4.

While schools remain closed in light of COVID19 restrictions, supplementary resources were made by teachers who returned to work two weeks ago.

The resources, though important are not going to be examined.

“Parents and Guardians are urged to liaise with their Heads of Schools and follow the scheduled timetables to avoid overcrowding at schools and dissemination centres,” an MEHA statement said.

“Heads of schools are encouraged to work in consultation with their Divisional and District Education Offices and under strict adherence to the Covid-19 Health and safety guidelines.”

Education minister for Education Rosy Akbar urged parents to “work patiently and very closely with the heads of those schools” as they engage children in non-formal learning setups.

Those parents who have not been able to access the supplementary resources should continue to encourage children to read from other sources.

“Heads of schools are strongly advised to comply with all the Health and Safety regulations in place and ensure that there is no overcrowding, social distancing is maintained and hand sanitizers are readily available,” the MEHA said.

“Together we have been able to make equitable education accessible to every Fijian regardless of the challengers faced.”

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