Education urges students and parents to be more responsible

Fiji’s Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts expressed disappointment with the brawl that occurred between students at the Suva Bus Stand last Friday, urging students and parents to be more responsible.

Minister for Education Premila Kumar said that there is zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour among students and that in addition to supervision by teachers, parental responsibility plays a big part in preventing such incidents.

“During school hours, we expect teachers and school management to ensure the safety of students,” Kumar said. “At the same time, parents also bear the responsibility of teaching their children to not engage in behaviour that puts them and others in harm’s way, tarnishing the image of their respective schools and communities, and potentially spoiling their future. Please guide them so they make the right choices during such situations and teach them that violence is never the answer.

“Once again, I would like to request teachers and parents to take responsibility during such times and help keep our children safe.”

Kumar also urges students to refrain from reckless behaviour that endangers their safety, and the safety of others.

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