Education launches Post Fiji’s ‘Back to School’ drive

Fiji’s Permanent Secretary for Education Dr. Anjeela Jokhan launched Post Fiji’s “Back to School” campaign which will provide parents and guardians with better deals as they prepare for the 2023 academic year beginning on 30 January.

During the launch, Dr. Jokhan commended Post Fiji for this initiative and acknowledged them for their “Back to School” programmes that have been running since 1998.

Dr. Jokhan said, “Programmes such as this provided by Post Fiji have opened up avenues for parents to start preparing now so that they do not get pressured at the last minute”.

She further added that the fact we have decided to open schools at the end of January means that after the festive season, parents will have some time before getting into “Back to School”

The coupons, which have been distributed to schools, once stamped by the school, will allow the students to get a discount of 5% on their total stationary purchase at any Post Fiji outlet.

There will also be a lucky draw for each of the four divisions allowing schools to win monetary prizes starting from $200 once the coupons with school stamps go into the draw together with shopping vouchers for individual winners.

Whilst speaking at the launch, Dr. Jokhan also reminded parents and guardians about the cyclone season and how we have already begun to experience heavy rainfalls and flooding in certain parts of Fiji. She called on parents and guardians to exercise extra caution during this holiday to avoid accidents and keep their children safe.

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