Earth day celebration continues online

THE SPIRIT of commemorating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day were not dampened by the COVID-19 restrictions as celebrations continued online around the Pacific.

Pacific climate warriors took to social media with a key message – Stop the fossil fuel industry from wreaking more havoc on already disadvantaged communities in the Pacific.

350 Pacific Managing Director, Fenton Lutunatabua said the planet has been suffering with more severe air pollution, rising sea levels and intense storms evident over the years.

 “We are all part of an intricate ecosystem where humans and nature rely on each other to thrive. The planet is telling us that human greed is the problem- it is healing with less industrial activity and less pollution since the COVID-19 pandemic has placed restrictions on the movement of people and business operations,” he said.

Lutunatabua said the onus is on each individual to maintain a healthy and conducive environment.

“Each one of us is critical to maintaining the balance in nature by taking climate action. We need to make possible choices when it comes to the companies we support, the products we buy and the activities we carry out daily.”

350 Pacific Managing Director, Fenton Lutunatabua

“The best place to start is by learning more about the science behind the climate crisis and the responsibility that all sectors hold in addressing the issue,” Lutunatabua said.

“We need to heed the science and take rapid steps towards transitioning away from fossil fuelled societies to one that is built on clean energy, which will benefit both humans and the planet.

Yet ensuring these steps require a systems change.

“We need to build social systems that support communities to become self sustaining in moments of crises, especially when the government is not in a position to respond. People have the ability to take back the power to reshape our global economies to be built on principles to :

Put people’s health first, no exceptions,

Provide economic relief directly to the people,

Help our workers and communities not corporate executives,

Create resilience for future crises and

Build solidarity and community across borders- do not empower authoritarians.”

*350 Pacific is a coordinating and implementing entity  of working in close partnership with Pacific Climate Warriors.

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