Drive with extra care, urges Fiji Roads

Prolonged rain and extensive flooding around the country particularly in the western and northern divisions have saturated unsealed roads making some impassable, says Fiji Roads urging motorists to take extra precaution when travelling.

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) Chief Executive Kamal Prasad says that currently, the unsealed roads are not suitable for heavy haulage and small cars. 

“The continuous rain experienced is impeding our contractors’ ability to carry out repair works. In the meantime, motorists are advised to be patient and drive to the conditions,” Prasad said.

FRA personnel are on the ground monitoring the situation and will deploy the contractors as soon as practicable to remediate these soft spots.    

“The repairs will be prioritized in accordance with the road use hierarchy, that is highways will be repaired first and then the arterial roads followed by the secondary roads and lastly the side roads.”

The public is advised to plan ahead before travelling, advising them that they could view the status of roads live here.

“We are waiting for water to recede on some of the roads before we can assess them for damage. Please continue to keep a safe following distance in order to prevent accidents on wet and slippery roads and avoid driving into flooded areas.”

Members of the public can contact the FRA on toll-free number 5720 regarding the affected roads and crossings.

Photo: File

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