Don’t Come With An Attitude; Stick to The Law, New Lawyers Told

Be respectful, know your job and honor your clients.

These were words by Acting Chief Justice Salesi Temo at the admission to the bar of 53 new legal counsels in Suva today.

“Don’t come to court with an attitude. That will mean it will be a bad day for everyone especially the bench.”

Justice Temo also admonished the young lawyers to stick to the law and not deviate from what they’re called to do.

“Our work as lawyers is very satisfying, yet I call on all of us to work within our limits. Some our colleagues are behind bars because they got involved in the use of trust funds and money that didn’t belong to them.”

He also called the new lawyers to uphold the laws of Fiji.

“You are the ones at the forefront. We as lawyers should not only know the law but live it also.” Acting Chief Justice Temo said.

“If you feel that you have every right to win, that you should have won, cite it. Present your argument well, research and come and fight it well. Be respectful in how you do it and I assure you that your reputation will shoot up amongst us who sit on the bench.”

Acting Chief Justice Temo also acknowledged those who have supported the lawyers in their academic journey.

“Their hard work is about to begin now, protecting the laws of our land and fighting for the rights of their clients.”

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