Discolouration resolved, water is safe to drink: WAF

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is advising customers, that water remain safe for consumption despite discolouration experienced in some parts of Nadi and Lautoka recently.

The issue, experienced by customers served by the Vaturu Dam, was  caused by increased levels of iron in raw water received from Vaturu Dam, WAF said in a statement, adding that it has since been resolved.

“The recent heavy rainfall into the dam catchment, after the long dry spell, washed sediments rich in iron  to the lake. After undergoing oxidation, iron gives the water a pale brown colour. In response to the increased iron content in the raw water, the treatment process at the Nagado Water  Treatment Plant has now been updated to counter this cosmetic issue.

“Once the issue was discovered, our teams quickly went into action, and discoloured water into the Nadi  and Lautoka reticulation was cleared out during the weekend through extensive water sampling and  water mains flushing exercises.”

WAF technicians will continue to monitor the system daily so as to address recurrence of such events in future.

“We reiterate to our customers that tap water is safe for drinking and household needs.”

Furthermore, WAF is encouraging its customers to call them up should encounter such issues.

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