Differences are inevitable but keep the faith: Radrodro to SODELPA supporters

Fiji’s SODELPA parliamentary member Aseri Radrodro admits he was concerned over the manner the party handled recent ‘disruptions and bickering’.

However, called for understanding saying differences in political ideologies are inevitable in current times, pleading with supporters to keep the faith in party leaders’ to resolve issues.

In his address in parliament today, Radrodro apologised to SODELPA voters and those inclined to the work the party does if they have become disillusioned and unhappy with the recent disruptions and bickering[s] that have beset the party.

“I wish to assure them that these are extraordinary times, and we are at a juncture where political ideologies are being tested to great lengths as we strive to survive in this 21st century, thus we must embrace that differences in opinions and political ideologies will arise,” Radrodro said.

“On that note, I personally have many discomforts over the way we have handled issues of late, and whilst I object and disagree with the manner we have handled ourselves as leaders, I remain optimistic that we are governed by a righteous God that sees all and knows all, and for that, we must always reflect on the path that we have travelled, and exercise wisdom on the path that we intend to travel.

“There must be no political enemies, just differences in political ideologies.”

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