Fiji Defence Review to begin in January 2024

The review of the national defence system is to begin in January 2024 and will span over seven months.

Defence Minister Pio Tikoduadua made the announcement at a press conference in Suva today.

And to lead the review, Government has appointed Colonel (Ret’d) James Sanday, a former military officer with the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

“This appointment heralds a new chapter in Fiji’s journey towards a more secure and vibrant future. Mr. Sanday’s appointment is the result of a long, detailed and competitive process that embodies our commitment to transparency, and we are pleased to also announce that Mr.Sanday has accepted the government’s Terms of Reference,” Tikoduadua said.

“The review will look at several things crucial to national security including the need to craft a National Security Strategy that not only outlines Fiji’s national interests and goals but also integrates our core values and principles, ensuring that the roles of government agencies resonate with our national ethos.”

The review will also look at the role of the Fijian military.

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