Deaths of individuals not fully vaccinated a dire warning: Health

Health officials say that the outbreak of severe disease and death among unvaccinated Fijians underline the need for all eligible adults to get fully vaccinated.

Of the 144 COVID-19 patients who have died in this outbreak, none were fully vaccinated – 22 were partially vaccinated, having received only one dose, and the rest had not been vaccinated.

“There is no stronger evidence pointing to why we must vaccinate all adults –- in particular those who are at greatest risk -– as quickly as humanly possible. It is the best available protection against the worst effects of the virus,” Permanent Secretary for Health Dr James Fong said,

“So again, I ask that anyone who is yet to be vaccinated, please do so immediately. To our younger ones, get vaccinated yourselves and please help by bringing your parents, grandparents, and older community members to the nearest vaccination centre or drive-through and give them the best possible protection against this virus.

“It only takes one look at our rising numbers of fatalities to see there simply is no morally or medically acceptable alternative. Get vaccinated. Do it as soon as you can. And go further: Tell your friends and loved ones why you have been vaccinated and why they should do the same.”

Dr Fong said the only way work places will open for business without crippling the health system if all employees are vaccinated.

As of Tuesday, 70% of Fiji’s eligible population have received at least one dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and 14% are fully vaccinated. The government hopes to fully vaccinate 80% of its eligible population by 31 October.

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