Cyclone track may change, but focus on its impact and prepare: Fiji Met

Tropical Cyclone Ana is projected to make landfall over Ra tomorrow, based on the latest forecast, but acting Fiji Meteorological Services Director Terry Atalifo is advising against complacency and warns that the system’s impact will be widespread.

Fiji Met’s latest TC Ana forecasted track map shows that once it has made landfall over Ra, the system will continue to move southeastwards over Viti Levu, and track close to Kadavu around tomorrow night to Monday morning.

Though the latest projected path is confined to parts of Fiji, the impact of associated severe weather conditions, as it makes landfall over Rakiraki, encompasses the whole of Fiji, including Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu, and the Lomaiviti Group.

“Our main message is to prepare irrespective of the path the cyclone will take.  It’s the impact that this system will have is what we want people to focus on and prepare accordingly,” Atalifo said.

Fiji Met Office Acting Director Terry Atalifo

“The public also needs to keep in mind that the system’s path could change, it could very well shift to any of the areas that are in line to experience its impact, therefore please prepare.”

TC Ana could take a different route – anywhere between the edges of the outer grey outline – so it could move to the far left of Viti Levu, midway between the two main large islands or far right of Vanua Levu or slice through either of the two main islands. Map Source: Fiji Met
Forecasted threat map based on the latest route projection, ie, make landfall over Rakiraki. Areas in the brick-red colour will be experiencing gale-force winds. Already damaging winds have been reported in Yasawa-i-Rara this morning and is expected to affect the rest of the group later today Source: Fiji Met

Destructive gale-force winds capable of disrupting power supply, communication network, damage weak structure and damage crops and vegetation, and tilt trees as TC Ana passes through.

As TC Ana moves closer to Fiji, heavy rain will become more frequent, causing flooding of roads, villages, towns and communities near streams, rivers, and low lying areas. Continuous rain could cause landslides thus communities living in areas prone to such risks are requested to remain alert and take the necessary precaution.

Coastal flooding is also expected and will worsen during periods of high tide – ie, around 8.50 pm today in Lautoka and 7.42 pm in Suva.

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