Curfew hours reduced to four as vax target is achieved

Curfew hours is now effective from midnight to 4am in Fiji after 90 per cent of the eligible target population have received both doses of a coronavirus vaccine.

As of 17 November, 556,322 individuals have been fully vaccinated, paving the way for the curfew hours to be moved, effective last night.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health reminds the public that other COVID-protocols still stands.

“The public is reminded that we must continue to adhere to COVID-19 safe measures of wearing masks appropriately, especially in indoor public spaces, covering our coughs and sneezes, washing our hands regularly with soap and water, or using a hand sanitiser and maintaining a safe physical distancing of two meters,” the ministry said in a statement.

Meanwhile, first dose numbers stands at 600,140 or 97.1 per cent of the eligible target population.

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