Cruise Liner’s Return After 16 Years Brings Hope to Villagers

Seabourn Pursuit Cruise Liner’s return to Yasawa I Rara Village last week after 16 years, brought joy and economic opportunities to the local community, with 210 tourists visiting.

Through training programs by the iTaukei Trust Fund Board and the Australian Government’s Market Development Facility, villagers were equipped with skills like tour guiding and food preparation to cater to the influx of tourists.

The village, previously reliant on fishing sees the return of the cruise liner as a symbol of progress and a chance for sustainable growth. 

Speaking about the significance of the cruise liner’s return last Friday 62-year-old Ikinesi Lewaseni of the village Women’s group said, “The return of the cruise liner to Yasawa I rara Village is a momentous occasion for our village. It not only brings economic opportunities but also fosters cultural exchange and mutual understanding between our villagers and visitors from around the world. We are deeply grateful for the support in preparing our villagers for this moment, and we look forward to welcoming more Cruise liners in the coming months.” 

Ministry of Tourism officials also engaged with villagers, discussing future initiatives. 

The cruise destination was made possible by finalising hydrographic maps, endorsed by the Fijian Government to unlock potential cruise destinations.

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