Frequently asked Fiji COVID19 questions

How are the patients being treated? Which drugs are being used and is outside help being taken?

  • There is no information yet from Fiji authorities on how patients are being treated, the medical protocol used or medicine administered. The information given so far is that all four patients are stable. Of the first three patients, Dr. Aalisha SahuKhan said at a press conference on Monday 23/03 that they displayed the kind of illnesses that can easily be looked after at home, were it not for the contagious nature of COVID19.
  • People are of course breaching the self quarantine requirement. Do the officials check up on people? 
    • Officials are checking. Whether it is telephone or physical checks, varies according to the contact people made with infected patients. However the Police Commissioner said at press conferences on Saturday 21/03 and Tuesday 23/03 that the Fiji Police Force has the legislative powers to take further action, were they to receive direction to control the movement of people. The PM said Fijians must adhere to advice, or the controlled freedom currently being taken for granted won’t last. 
  • And are the any fines or actions taken against those who do not follow the 14 day self quarantine period?
    • Currently there isn’t. The Ministry is relying on the good sense and commitment of the public to follow safety and protection guidelines. The Police Commissioner has indicated they will take more serious action pending directives from the Ministry of Health. 
  • Why are people taken to Nadi and Navua Hospital?
    • The government’s two COVID19 isolation wards are at these two hospitals. The first patient is at Lautoka Hospital because he presented himself there and was already contagious so he was not moved. All other patients and close contacts ever since, have been taken directly from their homes to the Nadi and Navua Hospital. Labasa is the third COVID19 isolation hospital.
  • Should we go to the nearest health centre if we think we have COVID19?
    • DO NOT VISIT a health centre or hospital if you believe you have contracted the virus and have the travel history or was in close contact with an infected person. Call 221 9906 and the Ministry of Health will send a team to you.
  • What do you do if you think you have the virus?
    • Visit a fever clinic near you where they will check your temperature and triage you before you are referred. Below are the currently operational Fever Clinics
      1. Valelevu Fever Clinic:
        • Valelevu Multipurpose Court, Saqa Street
      2. Lautoka Fever Clinics:
        Punjas Health Centre Carpark, Cakau Street
        • Kamikamica Health Centre Carpark, Kamikamica Park
        • Monday – Friday, 8am-10pm and Saturday – Sunday, 8am-4pm
      3. North Fever Clinics:
        • Nasea Health Centre
        • Empower Pacific Building (next to Ro Qomate Building)
      4. Savusavu Fever Clinic
        • Old Public Health Building (next to hospital)
      5. Taveuni Fever Clinic
        • Taveuni Health Centre (Outside GOPD)
      6. Bua Fever Clinic
        • Dedicated tent outside Nabouwalu Hospital

Questions we are working on:

  • Are the medical staff that are treating the Corona virus patients allowed to go home?
  • Why is the whole of FIJI not on lock down yet ?

Read the World Health Organization’s
Frequently Asked Questions

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