COVID-19 vaccine rollout for kids in 5-11 age group starts next week

Fiji’s Ministry of Health plans to start deploying coronavirus vaccines to children aged between 5 and 11 years next week.

The ministry intends to begin the rollout on Saturday, 2 July.

It is understood children in the age group will be administered the Pfizer vaccine, the supply of which has been boosted with the provision of 50,000 doses offered by the New Zealand Government.

This is the third such pediatric age grouping for vaccines to be administered following the 15-17 age bracket, and the 12-14 age bracket.

As of 20 June, nearly 83 per cent of children in the 15-17 age group who have received their first dose have been fully vaccinated likewise nearly 61 per cent of those aged between 12 and 14 years. For adults, this stands at 85 per cent of those who have received their first dose.

Meanwhile, in terms of booster doses, a total of 138,808 individuals have so far received booster doses.

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