COVID-19 is but one of many diseases to protect oneself from: Health

Fiji’s Minister for Health Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete reiterated the need to protect oneself from other equally life-threatening illnesses that are prevalent in Fiji whilst following protocols to keep safe from COVID-19

Speaking during the Mai TV Miracles Do Happen show this week, Dr Waqainabete said COVID-19 is but one of the many fatal diseases that occur in Fiji including Non-Communicable Diseases, underlining the need to eat healthily and stay active during the pandemic.

Dr Waqainabete’s reminder is particularly important considering that people living with NCDs are regarded most at risk of developing severe COVID-19, the impact of which is devastating if appropriate care is not provided on time.

Vaccination, he says, as long as both the required doses are taken within the stipulated timeframe, also provides some relief for people living with NCDs because it reduces the severity of the disease.

Over the next few weeks, the Ministry of Health expects second dose numbers to increase, with a significant number of individuals due to take their second jab of either the Astra Zeneca vaccine or Moderna vaccine.

Miracles Do Happen airs at 11 am weekdays on Mai TV.

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