COVID-19 Fiji: Woman, 88, succumbs to coronavirus at home

An 88-year-old woman died at her home in the central division on 14 July, bringing Fiji’s total COVID-19 deaths to 874 since the country’s first coronavirus case in March 2020.

According to the Ministry of Health, the deceased was fully vaccinated and had multiple pre-existing medical conditions.

This does not account for the deaths of two COVID-19-positive patients since the ministry’s last update four days ago, on Monday 4 August.

Their deaths were not attributed to COVID-19 although they tested positive for the virus. Such deaths as with 967 previous cases were attributed to other serious medical conditions unrelated to coronavirus.

Meanwhile, since Monday’s update, there have been 141 new coronavirus cases, and 189 recoveries. Two hundred and twenty- eight cases are still active.

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