COVID-19 Fiji: Two COVID deaths and 19 new cases

Fiji’s total number of deaths due to COVID-19 has risen to 883 after two people including a 34-year-old Tuvaluan woman reportedly died two days before Christmas 2022.

According to Fijian Health authorities, the Tuvaluan who had been living in Fiji since 2018 was unvaccinated and had pre-existing medical conditions whilst the other deceased, a 64-year-old male from Suva was vaccinated, having received two doses of a coronavirus vaccine.

The 34-year-old Tuvaluan was admitted to CWM Hospital with diabetes complications on 6 December. She developed respiratory symptoms on 20 December, tested positive for COVID-19 on 22 December, and died a day later on 23 December.

The 64-year-old on the other hand died the same day he presented to Valelevu Health Centre in respiratory distress. He also had pre-existing medical conditions that also contributed to his death.

Meanwhile, the health ministry recorded 19 new cases and two reinfections since the last update on 29 December. Of the 19 new cases, 18 were reported in the central division, and one in the West. The two reinfection cases were recorded in the central division.

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