COVID-19 Fiji: New cases on Naviti as Malolo island index cases recover

Two people who tested positive and have since been linked to other cases on Malolo Island have recovered, but movement restrictions are still in force in view of active cases, whilst on Naviti Island in the Yasawasa, ten more cases have been detected.

The recovery of the two initial positive cases reported from Cubi Settlement leave 27 people on the island still active – 22 in Vunabaka settlement and five in Solevu village where surveillance and testing continue.

In the Yasawas, the ten newly detected cases are spread across four villages – Somosomo where the initial fatal case was reported, as well as Nasoqo settlement, Kese and Muaira villages. Gunu village which is located next to Nasoqo has also been identified as a high-risk area and will be visited by health teams to assess and test contacts as well as symptomatic cases.

“The tests will need to be run at Lautoka hospital to confirm the number of cases of COVID-19 in the village. In the coming days, a whole-of-Government community engagement and response team is also planned to visit the villages and settlements in Naviti and Viwa Island to conduct surveillance and testing, awareness sessions, and attend to immediate health and social needs that will be identified during the visit.”

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