COVID 19 Fiji: Ministry cuts back on COVID-19 public updates

Fiji’s Ministry of Health is scaling back its coronavirus updates to twice a week, starting from next week as cases reported in the western division pick up.

The ministry did not say why it has chosen to do so, but it is understood the move stems from overall dwindling case numbers, hospitalisation, and death count.

The change in reporting timeline means that the next update on the status of the coronavirus outbreak in the country is scheduled for next Monday, 25 April. During the peak of the coronavirus outbreak in Fiji, the ministry was publishing updates on a daily basis, but resorted to pushing out three updates per week in the latter stages of the second wave in early October 2021.

Meanwhile, of nearly 100 cases reported since 1 April this year, more than half were recorded in the western division.

Between 1 April and 20 April when the latest update was released, Fiji reported around 71 cases, of which 77 percent were recorded in the western division.

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